Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology: A Problem-Based Approach

Edited by: Sarah Creighton, University College Hospital, London; Adam Balen, University of Leeds; Lesley Breech, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital; Lih-Mei Liao, University College Hospital, London

Pediatric and adolescent gynecology (PAG) is recognized
as a specialist area and clinicians working in PAG need
specific expertise. A wide spectrum of conditions needs to
be addressed, ranging from simple disorders which respond
to basic treatment to complex congenital anomalies with a genetic origin and life-long health consequences. Investigations must be appropriate and treatment should reduce symptoms and distress whilst optimizing gynecological and reproductive potential.

Centered upon a series of common clinical presentations, this book includes stepwise guidance on the initial investigations, management, and treatment options. Guidance is supported
by the most up-to-date evidence-base, written by clinicians with dedicated clinical and research experience in PAG. New techniques – such as laparoscopic surgery – are included and the importance of the psychological assessment of children with specific PAG disorders is highlighted. The book also includes an authoritative chapter on safeguarding – recognizing the unique opportunity for gynecologists in child protection.

  • Focuses on practical management including step-by-step clinical guidance, to support readers in the day-to-day management of girls and adolescents with a wide range of gynecological symptoms
  • Problem-based chapters allow readers to understand potential differential diagnoses, including common and rare conditions, and how to investigate and manage these appropriately
  • Includes a unique chapter on safeguarding for gynecologists, to ensure they are aware of their unique role in safeguarding girls, with practical advice

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