In an atmosphere of friendly camaraderie, our XX International Congress of Child and Adolescent Gynecology “A Comprehensive Look at Prevention: Transiting the Present, Thinking of the Future” took place from November 7th to 9th 2018. 

The activities, meticulously thought out by the Scientific and Directive Committees were very comprehensive of the diverse topics and contemplated or included the different views from dissimilar intervening disciplines.

Topics of interest for our specialists such as Vaccines, Gynecological Endocrinology, Diversity, Gynecological Surgery, Rights, Pediatric Gynecology, STI, Situation of the Americas and Teenage Pregnancy kept the Auditorium of the Pablo Neruda Room of La Plaza Complex Theater completely full at all times.

We had 3 Foreign Formal Guests: Dr. Johannes Bitzer (Switzerland), Estela Conselos (Uruguay), Rodolfo Ponce Gómez de León (OPS).

830 enrolled ones attended, of which 95 were foreigners, representing Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Honduras, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Paraguay.

During the first day the Pre-congress was developed. During the morning, the practical-theoretical workshops of the SIUL Placement, IMPLANTS and the AMEU technique. In the afternoon, the cases workshop “How I do it” was brought about with the introduction of 4 cases of our usual consultation with an informal presentation of trajectory experience of the experts and the empaths in each subject. It was a total success of attendance (95 people) in the smallest Room: The Alfonsina Storni.

From Thursday 8th and Friday 9th of November there were full days of development of activities of the Congress: Symposia: 9, Conferences: 4, Discussion table: 1, A beautiful duet of teenagers who opened the Inaugural Ceremony singing -with a keyboard- songs of now and of always.

53 E-Posters were presented, which were commented by our expert, empathic professionals and with SAGIJ trajectory. And there was a winner of the Hospital Notti in the Mendoza Province, the Best Poster 2018: Berta Zeiguer Prize.

At the end, the Report of the Secretariat of Management 2017/2018 accounted for the 53 Spanish-speaking professionals of the Americas, among Pediatricians and Gynecologists formed in our Training Course in Infant-Juvenile Gynecology and in Our Hospital Institutions from the year 2006 up to date. An important number which denotes the dedication, the pioneerism and the devotion to train HR of the specialty in this region. 

Mission Accomplished, An Academic Period, with social and friendly tints, which leaves us, the Team that conforms SAGIJ, with a desire for the progress and continuation of the legacy of our pioneers in the subject. 

We say goodbye with a strong hug and the best wishes for the end of the year.

Dr. Marisa Labovsky Presidente

Dr. Elisabeth Dominguez Vicepresident

Dr. Viviana Cramer Secretary General