Your new Board took over the reins in Melbourne in December 2019 and it is an honour and a privilege to be able to welcome you to the next phase of FIGIJ. Our job is to guide, nurture and develop the gynaecological health of children and adolescents at a global level under the umbrella of FIGIJ for the next three years.

As I take over as President the global membership of the organisation has reached 6970 from no less than 41 countries over 5 continents. The World Congress that has just ended presented a huge amount of work for Sonia Grover and provided an opportunity for more than 500 registrants from 48 countries to network and share learning. We will continue to benefit from Sonia’s experience and dedication as she remains on the Board as our immediate Past President

But there is more to FIGIJ than the obligatory World Congress every three years. FIGIJ is a living breathing organisation. In this respect I am supported by an eclectic mix of new and experienced Board members. We share a common goal and bundles of energy which will be tapped and put to good use in order to improve the gynaecological health of girls and young women around the world.

In this respect we have a number of potential international partners with whom we plan to collaborate and work at a political level.

FIGIJ has already established its position in respect of female cosmetic surgery in adolescents and has embraced and championed single dose HPV vaccination in resource-poor countries.

There is however much more to be done in respect of education and training, and to this end a new working party on education and resources has been established with immediate effect under the auspice of new Board member Anna Torres.

The Statutes of the organisation are tired and require a radical overhaul. A working party has been established under the leadership of the most senior Board member, Gabriele Tridenti.

We shall also be exploring advocacy, strategy and helping with the development and expansion of the IFEPAG examination under the watchful and experienced eye of Symphorosa Chan.

All of this while ably supported by my Vice President Evelien Roos, Treasurer Judy Simms-Cendan, Secretary General Zoran Stankovic and Board members Deborah Laufer, Marisa Labosky, Charleen Cheung, Irene Dingeldein and Zana Bumbuliene, all of whom have huge enthusiasm and energy.

We aim to network, recruit, expand and focus on new initiatives to introduce and develop existing PAG services at a global level. Please contact any of us for help, advice or if you have suggestions, proposals and/or wish to help our cause. Our details are on the website.

Finally a big thank you to the retiring Board members with a special mention to Ellen Rome who steered the ship as President for six years and then stayed on as Treasurer for another three years – no mean feat, and for which we are extremely grateful.

Paul Wood MD FRCOG
President of FIGIJ
December 2019

Improving Reproductive Health of Young People Worldwide

20th World Congress PAG 2023

May 18-21, 2023
Belgrade, Serbia


FIGIJ President, Paul Wood

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